BNP’s anti-state activities will be countered politically: Liton

Published : 02 Dec 2022 07:36 PM

Presidium Member of Awami League and Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation AHM Khairuzzaman Liton has said, any attempt to destabilise peace through creating anarchy, loss of properties and lives of the people of Rajshahi and any detrimental activity centering the BNP meeting in Rajshahi will not be tolerated. The fittest answer of such activities will be given politically from the street, he added.

In protest against the countrywide conspiracy of BNP, AL Rajshahi Metropolitan unit organised a press conference at its Kumarpara office on Thursday noon where AHM Khairuzzaman Liton addressed as the chief guest. 

Liton said, centering the BNP meeting on Dec-3 in Rajshahi, BNP leaders have already been engaged in various conspiracies and mis-propaganda. He further said, there is no scope to hold election under Caretaker government. 

The elections will be held by following the constitution. Its well if BNP participates the elections, otherwise, the elections will not be kept suspended for BNP. 

The press conference was attended and addressed, among others, by AL City President Doublew Sarker, AL leader Begum Akhter Jahan, President of Zila Parishad Mir Iqbal, AL President( incharge) Mohammad Ali Kamal, Vice President Naosher Ali, Syed Shahadat Hossain, Rezaul Islam babul. Dr Tabibur Rahman Sheikh, Badruzzaman Khayer, Mostaque Hossain, Ahsanul Haque Pintu, Aslam Sarker, Mir Istiaque Ahmed, Zia Hasan Azad Himel. Feroz Kabir Shentu, rabiul Alma Robi, Mokiduzzaman Jurat, Dr FMA Zahid, Pankaj Dey, Siddique Alam, Nazrul Islam and Dr Abdul Mannan. 

AHM Khairuzzaman Liton in the written statement said, BNP had earlier held meeting at Madrasha Maidan in Rajshahi where the Adviser to BNP Chairperson, former RCC Mayor Mijanur Rahman Minu had threatened to assassinate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In protest against the statement of Minu, AL city leaders and activists organised various political programmes and filed a sedition case against Minu and others. 

He further mentioned, BNP is making various false, fabricated and obejectionable remarks against the government and against the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and through such activities BNP wants to destablise peaceful situation of Rajshahi. He said, BNP-Jamaat alliance had created a reign of state terror during their misrule in 2001-2006 and BNP does not believe in democracy and it wants to occupy power of the country through non-democratic way with the help of their lords to turn this country a militant state once again. 

He added, by the name of political programmes and meetings, any anti-state activities and any malicious statement against AL leader, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and any attempt of sabotage and anarchy aiming to loss of properties and lives of people of Rajshahi by BNP will be not be tolerated the such activities will be countered politically from the streets by Rajshahi City AL leaders and activists.