Black Rice cultivated for first time in Tentulia

Published : 18 May 2022 08:57 PM

For the first time, cultivation of potential black rice has started in Tentulia upazila of Panchagarh district in the far north. Young farmer Sadekul Islam Susham has cultivated this paddy in Islambagh village of the upazila. Many people are crowding every day to see this paddy. As the yield is good and expensive, local farmers are also taking initiative to cultivate this paddy.

It is learned on the spot that he is the son of Ferdous Kamal of Islambagh village in Tiranai Hat union of Sadekul upazila. After graduating in Economics from Dhaka College, he is currently looking after his father's land and cultivating it. According to family sources, he collected the black rice seeds through his brother who was serving in the army in Kaptai upazila of Rangamati district of Chittagong division. On the other hand, Sadequl said and it is known from various media that he collected the seeds of this black money from Gazipur in Dhaka through research on YouTube and social media.

Sadequl said he returned home from Dhaka during the Corona period and cultivated the experimental Black Rice variety of paddy on his 60-acre land. He planted this paddy at the end of last January. In just 3 months, each tree has yielded a large amount of fruit. The threshing will start in a few days. As the rice looks black, so does the rice.

He said ten types of black paddy are cultivated in Bangladesh. However, I have cultivated three types of paddy. There is a possibility of 15-16 manas of paddy per bigha of land. If the price is attractive and if there is demand then I will increase the cultivation of black rice in future. Because, there is no extra risk and cost in cultivating this paddy. It is cultivated like ordinary paddy but does not require extra fertilizer or water. No separate care is required. But the price of this paddy is much higher. He hopes to sell paddy worth over lakhs of rupees on 2 bighas of land. After hearing about the benefits of this paddy, many farmers have asked him to collect seeds. Tentulia Upazila Agriculture Officer Jahangir Alam said that black rice is anti-diabetic, anti-neurotic and anti-aging. It contains vitamins, fiber and minerals. If this rice can be produced and spread all over the country, it will play a positive role in the agricultural economy of the country. He further said that black rice is much more beneficial and healthy than ordinary rice. In comparison, black rice has more anthocyanins, protein and fiber than other types of rice. Black rice is an antioxidant-rich rice; As a result, it is resistant to cancer. Black rice has been shown to be effective in counteracting the ill effects of diabetes, neurosis and aging. It contains a lot of fiber. As a result, this rice produces glucose in the body at a very slow speed. As a result, the level of sugar in the body is under control. For this reason, this rice is said to be very effective for diabetics. In addition, meat, vitamins, zinc, minerals and other ingredients are at least three times more than ordinary rice. At present, this rice is being considered as the new super food of the world. However, Sachetan Mahal thinks that if you do research on the nutritional value of black rice in Bangladesh Nutrition Research Institute or in the nutrition department of any university, you will get a more convincing idea about the nutritional value of this black rice.