Bhomra port’s activities resume

Published : 02 Jun 2020 10:26 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 02:24 PM

The export and import related activities through Bhomra land port in Satkhira resumed after two months and eight days. 

It is learnt, on the backdrop of Coronavirus panic, the export and import from Bangladesh and India through Bhomra land port remained suspended from March-24 this year. 

Arafat Hossain, President of C&F Agents' Association of Bhomra land port informed, on June-1, Deputy Commissioner of Satkhira SM Mostafa Kamal organised a meeting with the authorities of Customs and Port Officials, C&F Officials and members at the land port area and decided to reopen activities of export and import through the land port by maintaining health regulations from June-2.  

As a result of the restarting of export and import  activities, Bhomra land port turned to live again and a feeling of relief and satisfaction returned among unemployed port labourers and the C&F Agents, informed Mostafizur Rahman Nasim, General Secretary of C&F Agents' Association at Bhomra land port.