BGB seizes Tk 150cr Yaba a year at borders

Published : 13 Jan 2022 09:23 PM

Members of Border Guard Bangladesh, BGB-34 Battalion at Cox's Bazar, have recovered 51 lakh 90 thousand 26 pieces of yaba from Ukhia and Naikangchhari border area of Cox's Bazar in one year.

The contraband yaba pills were recovered from January 2021 to January 13, 2022. Some 218 traffickers have been arrested in several raids during this time.

This information was unveiled by BGB official Lieutenant Colonel Md Mehdi Hasain Kabir at a press conference held at Cox's Bazar 34 BGB office on Thursday afternoon.

According to the BGB, the value of 51 lakh 90 thousand 26 pieces of yaba is Taka 150 crore.

The yaba pills were recovered by BGB members conducting raids in various areas under their control, including the Myanmar border area of Ukhia and Naikangchhari, said Captain Lieutenant Colonel Md Mehdi Hasain Kabir.

On early Thursday, There was a gunfight between the smugglers and BGB members during an operation in the border area of Palangkhali BOP under Cox's Bazar Battalion (34 BGB). Sensing the presence of BGB members at the border, the smugglers opened fire at the BGB members. BGB members also reiterated. At that time BGB fired 20 rounds of bullets. At one stage, the traffickers fled the scene. BGB members recovered 18,000 yaba pills from the spot.

In response to a question from journalists at the press conference, 34 BGB captain Lt. Col. Md Mehdi Hasain Kabir said that the BGB has tightened the security at the border area to prevent drug smuggling and human trafficking. 

Even then, smugglers are entering the country with various tactics. However, the BGB is strictly preventing the smuggling in the area.