BGB seize a big yaba consignment

Published : 28 Jan 2022 09:00 PM

In two separate operations in Teknaf of Cox's Bazar district, BGP personnel recovered 254,000 pieces of Yaba. Four people, including a Myanmar national, have been detained so far. The Yaba tablets was recovered in a separate operation in the Naf River on Thursday.

Teknaf BGB 2 Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar presented this information at a press conference at the battalion headquarters on Thursday night. He said that a trawler carrying timber from Myanmar to the Teknaf land port was entering the Bangladeshi water when it was chased into the Naf River by three speed boats of the Myanmar Border Security Force (BGP) and the trawler lifted off the shelf at Jinnahkhal on the Naf River in Sabrang area. The BGB patrol team was able to arrest the four traders who were staying in the trawler later. Their statement was suspicious and the trawler was brought to Teknaf Jetty during a search and hidden under the trawler's engine in a fancy manner, a sack was recovered which was full of drugs. Four people, including 78,000 yaba and two foreign nationals, were detained.

The detainees were identified as Nem Yu Ch (38) of Dabrichai area of Myanmar, Chhewachi (38) of Mandras, Jahangir Alam  and Hafez Ahmed.

Besides, a BGB patrol team spotted 5-6 suspected drug dealers in a wooden boat crossing the Naf River from Mudadwip in Myanmar and entering Bangladesh at around 12:15 pm in Kharangkhali area of Naf River. The boat crossed the zero line and on the bank of Naf river 2-3 people actually approached the boat through the embankment. When they approached the boat, the BGB patrol immediately challenged them while handing over the drug consignment from the boat. Ignoring the BGB's challenge, the drug traffickers fired at the BGB patrol while the BGB patrols also fired back in self-defense. Unidentified drug traffickers jumped out of a boat and fled through the Naf River into Myanmar. During the search, two sacks of yaba were recovered from the river bank. By calculation, 1 lakh 80 thousand yaba was found. The BGB captain further said that a case is being filed at Teknaf police station against the unidentified convicts on charges of carrying illegal drugs and smuggling.