Best three artistes who paired up with Andrew Kishore

Playback Samrat Andrew Kishore sang most of his songs for films and quite a number of them have become popular. Just as Andrew Kishore  has  a number of popular songs in his voice, he has sung a number of doubles as well. Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin and Kanak Champa have given a number of songs in successful partnerships with the late maestro. Today's arrangement is about some some popular songs sung by Andrew Kishore with these three stars.Written by A Mizan


Andrew Kishore has a number of popular songs with legendary vocalist Runa Layla. Among these, the heart touching song of ‘Dui Jibon’- Tumi Aj Kotha Diyechho, Bolechho O Duti Mon Ghor Badhbe’ is famous. 

Renowned composer Alam Khan composed the song with the words of Moniruzzaman Monir. Another popular song by Runa Laila-Andrew Kishore- ‘Tumi Amar Jibon, Ami Tomar Jibon, Dui Dujonar Koto Je Apon Keu Jane Na’ is also a famous title.

Runa Laila

This timeless song is a part of the film ‘Obujh Hridoy’. This song with lyrics and melody by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul has taken place in the hearts of the listeners year after year. 

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard the song ‘Ami Ekdin Tomae Na Dekhile’. This has been written by Moniruzzaman Monir, composed by Alam Khan. 

Another one is ‘Chader Shathe Ami Debo Na Tomar Tulona’. Alam Khan composed the melody and music of the song with the words of Syed Shamsul Haque. The song from the film ‘Ashirbad’ still resonates in the mouths of the listeners.

‘Beder Meye Jochna’ this a very well known song from the film with the same title directed by Tozammel Haque Bakul and is the most commercially successful film in the history of Bangladesh.

The film touched the hearts of ordinary people because of the songs in the film. ‘Salman Shah-Moshumi has made a place in the minds of millions of viewers with his voice in the song.

There are also countless more popular songs sung by Runa Laila and Andrew Kishore.


Andrew Kishore has a number of timeless songs with Sabina Yasmin. The lyrics, melodies and their singing will remain in the minds of the listeners forever. Such a song is ‘Tumi Amar Koto Chena Sheik Jano Na’. 

The composer of the song is Alam Khan with the words of Moniruzzaman Monir. Another famous song by Sabina Yasmin and Andrew Kishore with lyrics by Moniruzzaman Monir and melody by Alam Khan - ‘Ki Diya Mon Karila O Bandhure’.

Sabina Yasmin

In the words of Md. Alamgir Kabir, the time-honored song of the film 'Jhinukmala' – ‘Tumi Dub Dio Na Jole Konna’ is also famous.

These songs by Andrew Kishore and Sabina Yasmin will stay with the people as long as they exist. Another song from the movie Jhinukmala- ‘Tumi Amar Moner Majhhi’ is composed by Md. Anwar Jahan Nantu with the words of Alamgir Kabir. 

Moniruzzaman Monir, composer Alam Khan wrote the song 'Ki Jadu Korila Piriti Shikhaila’. The melody, words and vocals of the song sway in the heart. Even if these songs are made in the context of that time, the appeal of the song will never end.

‘Shobai To Bhalobasha Chae’ is a song that gained popularity in the nineties. The lyrics were written by renowned lyricist Gazi Mazharul Anwar. 

This is another timeless song by composer Alam Khan. ‘Shob Shokhire Par Korite’ written by Khan Ataur Rahman and melody composed by Abu Taher is also famous.

 Song- ‘Ei Din Shei Din Kono Din Tomae Bhulbo Na’, Alam Khan is the composer and music director of the song with the words of Moniruzzaman Monir. This song by Andrew Kishore and Sabina Yasmin got a huge response from the audience.

‘Prithibir Joto Shukh’ - composed and written by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. Riaz took the helm of Salman Shah's next film. He presented the popular pictures to the audience one by one. 

The first hit film starring Riaz was Hridoyer Aena’. And a song in this film seems to have drawn the audience. That song is- ‘Tumi Chader Jochhna Nou…’ In addition to these songs, there are countless other popular songs by Sabina Yasmin and Andrew Kishore that will live on in people's hearts for ages.


After Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin, Andrew Kishore has given many popular songs in association with Kanak Chapa. Salman Shah-Shabnur starrer Tomake Chai’s song, ‘Bhalo Achhi Bhalo Theko..’ The author of this song is poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah. 

Kanak Chapa

A timeless song sung by Andrew Kishore and Kanak Chapa. The melody and music of the song has been arranged by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. Another popular song from the same film – ‘Tomake Chai Shudhu Tomake Chai’. Lyrics and melody by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul.

Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul was the star music director at the end of the golden days of the film. At one time the song of the film meant the words and melody of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. Andrew Kishore and Kanak Chapa in particular has given a number of beautiful songs. 

Another song sung by Andrew Kishore and Kanak Chapa is ‘Shagorer Motoi Govir’. ‘Jibon Furiye Jabe Bhalobasha Furabe Na’ Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul composed the lyrics and melody of this timeless song.