Bera AL candidates busy campaigning, BNP leaders keep silent

Published : 15 Oct 2021 10:28 PM | Updated : 16 Oct 2021 05:28 PM

With the announcement of the schedule of the third phase of UP elections including municipalities, 10 municipal elections will be held on November 26, including Bera municipality of Pabna.

At present, municipal and UP elections are underway in the country.

As the election schedule was announced step by step, the atmosphere of voting was prevailing in Bera Upazila of Pabna like all over the country. Colorful posters have already been put up in the neighborhood to present one's candidature for the post of Municipal Mayor and Councilor to the citizens. 

The pre-election campaign includes postering, motorcycle show-downs and exchanging greetings with voters. After the announcement of the schedule on Thursday, there was a great deal of excitement among the leaders and activists of the ruling Awami League and the voters who supported the Awami League. 

Leaders, activists and supporters of Bera BNP and its affiliates are playing a silent role in the BNP's decision not to participate in the 


In 9 unions of Bera municipality and upazila, there is a scattering of potential candidates for the post of mayor and councilor from the ruling 

party, Bangladesh Awami League. In the meantime, almost all the potential candidates have started making their own posters, leaflets, billboards and distributing them in different places. Potential candidates are keeping in touch with the AL high command leaders starting from the grassroots in the hope of getting party nomina

On the other hand, there is extreme frustration among the BNP leaders and workers in Bera Upazila due to the decision of the BNP High Command not to participate in all kinds of elections under this government, including being out of power for a long time and the ongoing local government elections in the country. In the announcement of the election schedule of Bera municipality, when the Awami League leaders and workers and the supported people are talking about who is the candidate and who can get the party nomination. Activists and supporters of BNP are depressed and suffering from depression. Talking to several leaders and activists of the municipal BNP on the issue of frustration among the leaders and workers over the non-participation of the BNP in the elections, many expressed anger over the decision of the High Command not to participate in the polls. Participating as an independent candidate will not help him in any way organizationally. Again, the party will not take any disciplinary action against those who disobey the decision of the party. BNP leaders and activists and BNP-minded voters are suffering from such decisions. Again, many have made negative comments towards the BNP High Command in such a decision.

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