BD calls for ‘equitable access’ to virus vaccine

Int’l community must work together

Published : 24 Jul 2020 08:31 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:10 PM

Bangladesh has called for equitable and affordable access to Covid-19 vaccines for all through global solidarity and commitment. Ambassador Rabab Fatima, the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN in New York, made the comments while speaking at a virtual conversation co-hosted by Lord Tariq Ahmad, UK Minister of State for the Commonwealth and the United Nations and Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO, United Nations Foundation.

Several countries have been working to discover a vaccine for the virus. So far, Oxford University’s vaccine has shown remarkable promise, eading to hopeful discussions of vaccine distribution strategies between countries.

The international community must ensure that Bangladesh 

and other countries in a similar 

position are given equitable access to the 

life-saving  vaccine

The ambassador has stressed the importance of the international community working together to ensure equitable access. Bangladesh is one of the countries which have fallen behind in terms of researching for a vaccine. However, this must not translate into a lack of access to the vaccine when it becomes available. The international community must ensure that Bangladesh and other countries in a similar position are given equitable access to the life-saving vaccine. 

The government must establish active collaboration with the international stakeholders and focus on equitable distribution of vaccines at affordable prices. Additionally, the government must work with other countries and pharmaceutical giants to ensure vaccine availability for all Bangladeshis. The plan must work out who will access the vaccine first and healthcare workers should be given priority. High-risk patients should also be prioritized in the government’s plan.

Countries which are ahead in the development of the vaccine must remember that they are responsible not only for their own country, but the whole world. We must remember that eradicating the virus from every part of the world simultaneously is needed to ensure safety for all.