BB’s digital initiative to keep CMSME vibrant

More sustainable approaches needed for this sector

In a bid to boost country’s Cottage, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs) sector, the central bank came up with a commendable initiative. Bangladesh Bank (BB) has presented an electronic system to accelerate implementation of the stimulus package of this sector.

The new electronic system, will help intensify monitoring and supervision on disbursement of stimulus package closely.  With this initiative the entrepreneurs of CMSME sector, who will take loans will now not be fazed with complex paper works or documents for getting loans. 

Banks now should co-operate in implementing this 

digital platform properly and distribute the 

government’s stimulus package for this sector

Banks now should co-operate in implementing this digital platform properly and distribute the government’s stimulus package for this sector.

The Central Bank should also give more emphasis to the CMSME sector to make the loan distribution procedure less complex. Micro finance institutions can be made involved in this process so that CMSMEs will get timely loans.

The government and Central Bank have executed various strategies to offer monetary support to the CMSME sector. However, in the long run, a sustainable approach has become the need of the hour so that CMSME can run smoothly in the market on their own which ultimately will lead to trifling intervention from the government. 

This is because the dilemmas of the CMSME sector are nothing new and without proper sustainable approach, the effects of short-term government interventions will disintegrate. 

Therefore, it is exigent that an all-inclusive tactic is implemented, which will combine both short term direct interferences from the government and furthermore adequate support from the private sector to the CMSMEs as part of the sustainable business paradigm.