Banshkhali upazila conducts drives to free occupied canals

Published : 31 Mar 2022 09:02 PM

A mobile court headed by Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Umar Farooq was held on Thursday afternoon on charges of occupying and filling a canal in Mohabbat Para of Shilkup Union in Banshkhali upazila of Chattogram.

Faizullah (51) of South Jaldi was sentenced to 7 days imprisonment for disobeying the government order and constructing facilities by filling canals and obstructing the flow of water.

 Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Umar Faruq said that it was seen on the spot that the culprit had completely filled the bottom and front of the culvert in the canal and obstructed the flow of water.

 There was also anger among the local people over the occupation of public property and they complained to the administration to take action against him.  As a result, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

 Action will be taken against illegal occupants of government khas land and public land.  Officials said such operations would continue.

It is learned that the 100-year-old Shilkup canal, which flows through a bridge on the east side of Mohabbat Ali Para near the connecting road from Mansuria Bazar to Jaliakhali New Bazar, is connected to Jaliakhali canal.

 This hundred-year-old canal drains the water of most of the farmers of East Mankichar area and more than 500 families of Mohabbat Alipara during the monsoon season. 

This is the only alternative canal.  The man named Fayez Ullah was constructing a concrete building in the canal.

Upon receiving the news, Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Umar Faruq rushed to the spot.