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Bangladesh to participate in Chess Olympiad for people with disabilities

Published : 25 Jan 2023 08:51 PM

Bangladesh will take part in the Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities, scheduled to start from January 29 to February 5 in Belgrade.

A five-member Bangladesh team including physically challenged four chess players are expected to leave Dhaka on January 28 when the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, has been announced as the host of first edition of the Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities. 

Selected four participants for the completion are M Khorshed Alam, (rating 2026), Syed Ezaz Hossain (rating (rating1952), Bappi Sarkar (rating 1778), and M Ali Newaz Sarkar (rating (1809).   Bangladesh Chess Federation (BCF) in a press meet on Wednesday informed that with support of the FIDE it was possible for them to take part in the competition.

Syed Shahabuddin Shamim, general secretary of the BCF said, “Bangladesh was selected for the tournament at their own credits, as players from all over the world apply to compete in the tournament and considering the players’ rating the teams were selected. Only Bangladesh and India are the two participants countries from the South Asian Region. But it was not possible for us to take part in the tournament without the support of the organisers as, they will provide the accommodation and local hospitality including half of Air Ticket fare.”

Shahabuddin also said that they wanted a special fund from the government for the physically and visual impairment chess players to promote them.

Syed Ezaz Hossain, one of the participants said that they were expecting to complete the tournament on 10 to 15 placed when he also urges to the government for proper support for them, as he said that there also some Grand masters in some countries, who are physical challenged and visual impairment.

“If we will have support from government and the proper authority, we will also able to ear the Grand Master Norm,” said Izaz (a visual impairment chess player).   

Meanwhile, Competition is set to be played over four boards, there is to be a maximum of 30 participating teams, of which 26 are selected by rating and another four are nominated by the International Chess Federation President, Arkady Dvorkovich.

Ten prizes will be given out to individuals too, including for best performance, most beautiful game and the oldest and youngest players in each category.

There are to be six rounds of competition at the Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities.