Bangladesh goes into 7-day nationwide lockdown

Life comes before everything

The country on Monday has gone into a seven-day national lockdown, as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is trying her level best to tackle the rising trend of global pandemic COVID-19.

Reportedly, the movement of public transports — bus, train, launch and plane will remain suspended. However, all government, non-government, autonomous offices, courts and private offices will be able to facilitate the commuting of their employees to work using their own transports on a limited scale. Besides, industries and factories will be able to do the same for their workers.

We think the government has taken a wise and a proper decision to contain the rising infection rate of COVID-19

Earlier, Bangladesh had also gone into a 66-day nationwide lockdown from March 26 to May 30 last year in the wake of high infection rates of coronavirus. And the lockdown was extended further.  

We all have to follow the health guidelines, wear 

facemasks and maintain social distancing and 

refrain from all sorts of social gatherings

But it was noticed that the lockdown was not implemented properly as thousands of people were seen leaving the capital for their respective home districts to celebrate the Eid festivals.

 Apart from these, RMG workers from different places of the country were also seen rushing to their respective workplaces in capital Dhaka, its adjacent districts, other metropolitan cities and big district towns as garment factories were allowed to operate midway of lockdown. And the huge movement of the people had deteriorated the coronavirus situation last year.

Before announcing the lockdown, the government also issued 18-point directives. We all have to follow the health guidelines, wear facemasks and maintain social distancing and refrain from all sorts of social gatherings.

Therefore, alongside the government, experts, the elite personality of society and conscious persons will also have to come forward to make people understand the urgency of implementing the lockdown in a proper manner.