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Covid-19 Pandemic

Bangladesh following path of USA, Italy

Published : 14 May 2020 09:51 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:53 PM

As some anticipate worse yet to come for Bangladesh, the country is gradually unfolding all signs of a severe outbreak of COVID-19 for which the USA and Italy have to see the highest number of fatalities of coronavirus pandemic.

Though a countywide lockdown has been imposed as the cautionary measures to keep people safe and secure from the highly infectious respiratory disease, the relaxation of lockdown, violation of health guidelines and fragile health measures are sadly risking the country towards falling in danger like those severely affected countries.

The highest number of people have become infected by the coronavirus and death tolls in the USA and Italy due to their negligence to deal with the crisis and in the treatment system. Bangladesh is now perhaps going to face same situation and experience.

However, there lacks inefficiency in regard to the control system in Bangladesh. Where the governments of all other countries have forced their people to maintain lockdown and obey all other directives, Bangladesh has relaxed the lockdown, reopened factories, markets, shopping malls and religious centres.

Moreover, the people of Bangladesh are also not willing to maintain the government decisions and familiar to maintain social distancing as well.

According to information and the data, in the highly affected countries, the number of people infected by the virus or died of it during the first two months jumped up to several hundred times more in the third month.
Accordingly, in Bangladesh, the number of people infected by the COVID-19 and deaths has also jumped to several times higher compared to the period of the first two months of the spread of the virus.

During the last one week, the number of infected people and deaths are increasing geometrically in Bangladesh.
The number of tests to the suspected COVID-19 infected people is very less compared to that of what should be done.

An analysis of data received from the government's ICT department ( and WorldMeter's website ( it has been found that the first case of corona infection in the USA, one of the top five infected countries, was detected on January 1. After 6 days, a total of 563 people were found infected and 22 of them died. Similarly, on the 7th day of the outbreak in Italy, a total of 9,172 patients were found and 463 of them died. At the same time, a total of 83 cases were detected and 17 of them died in Spain while 699 cases were detected in Germany and 8 died. Besides, in France, a total of 52,626 people were infected and 3,532 of them died.

But, within one month, the number of infected people and deaths in those countries increased to several hundred times and went beyond their control.

Only in the 3rd month in the USA, around 5,00,000 people were infected and 22,311 people died. During the same period of time, in Italy, the number of infected people was 1,38,405 and deaths of 18,386 people, in Spain, the number of infected people was 1,14,649 and deaths of 15,430 people, in Germany, the number of total infected people was 1,12,497 and deaths of 2,349 people and in France, the number of total infected people was 1,14,472 and deaths of 20,847 people.

In Bangladesh, accordingly, three people were found infected on March 8. But on the 68th day of infection the total number of infected people rose to 18,863 and deaths 283.

As per the information received from the government official sources, in the first month (till April-8) the number of infected people in Bangladesh was 218 and deaths 20. In the second month, the number of infected people rose to 13,552 and deaths 194.

It shows that about 98 percent of the total infected people have been detected during the second month of the spread of the virus in Bangladesh.

According to the study, the coronavirus, which was an epidemic during the first two months, turned to a pandemic in the third month and Bangladesh is now passing through the same period of time.

Experts apprehend that the situation centring the coronavirus is getting deteriorated and it might take a serious turn after five to six days.

They also expressed severe concern due to the relaxation of the lockdown and free movement of the people across the country.