Bangladesh enters a new era as a developing country

Let the country move ahead with self-esteem

The United Nations (UN) final nod for Bangladesh’s graduation to a developing country from the list of Least Developed Country (LDC) is a great piece of news for the entire nation.

The entire nation is delighted as Bangladesh is set to enter a new era securing its position as a dignified and confident country in the world stage through the graduation despite conspiracies hatched at home and abroad.

Bangladesh has met, for the second time, all the three eligibility criteria of graduation like income per capita, human assets, and economic and environmental vulnerability.

We hope, Bangladesh will soon be established as a developed, prosperous and dignified country in the world if the pace of development continues. And the UN's recommendation will help the country build a superior image before the world.  

Countrymen have already expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her 12 years of tireless planning, hard work, and efforts to achieve the graduation, terming it a historic and a matter of pride.

We hope, Bangladesh will soon be established as a developed, 

prosperous and dignified country in the 

world if the pace of development continues

But the country will have to face some economic challenges after achieving the new status. Therefore, Bangladesh will have to take all-out measures to tackle the challenges during the transition period and help the economy grow after 2026.

Bangladesh is currently enjoying duty-free, quota-free access for all products in the European Union, Canada, Australia and some other countries as a least developed country under the EBA (Everything But Arms) facility.

After the graduation, initially, the country will lose some trade benefits it currently enjoys. 

Keeping in mind the impending changes after attaining the LDC graduation challenges, the government has taken all necessary steps to uphold the newly achieved status under a well-devised plan.

Apart from the government, the people will have to uphold the status of a developing nation and work hard to make it permanent and sustainable.

We believe the country's people will also perform their own responsibilities with sincerity and honesty for sustainability of the nation’s enhanced status so that Bangladesh could move ahead with self-esteem on its own foot.