Bangladesh archetype of food security

Food export must be encouraged further

The food situation now in the country shows a stark difference from what it was before. Bangladesh has become a global example for food security because of its ability to increase agro-output despite various natural calamities including flood, drought, salinity and the long lasting pandemic of coronavirus. There has been a massive expansion of agriculture in the country. This expansion in agriculture and fisheries has resulted in Bangladesh becoming one of the ranking countries where rice and fish are grown in plenty if not in abundance.

A report published in this daily says, the country witnessed massive food production and it has become a food exporting country in just one decade. It augurs well when one comes to know that such a leap to progress has been made in the agriculture sector from the days of suffering from lack of irrigation due to electricity crunch. 

This is a great news for the country and also 

shows physical evidence of people being 

interested in getting into agriculture

Gone are the days and now only a future of prosperity is before us. Recent statistics show that rice yield has elevated from 313.17 lakh tonnes to 370 lakh tonnes since 2009 to 2019. In the same way, there are also positive trends in case of wheat, maize, potato, pulse, oil seed and vegetables.

Here, the biggest jump can be seen in case of vegetables which skyrocketed from 29.03 to 162 lakh tonnes. This is a great news for the country and also shows physical evidence of people being interested in getting into agriculture. This also shows the fact that there is a great enthusiasm amongst the youth for becoming entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. As a result, we have already seen massive level of investments being made by educated youngsters of the country. 

This expansion in agriculture of the country means that there is always a stock of abundant food in the country which minimises the possibility of a crisis related to food ever occurring in the country. This bodes well for the citizens and they can thus heave a sigh of relief regarding food prices remaining stable with a few exceptions. The authorities concerned should take measures so that this output and agro expansion only sees an upward trend in future.