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‘Bangabandhu’s dream was a Bangladesh of harmony’

Published : 24 Jun 2022 08:15 PM | Updated : 25 Jun 2022 06:24 PM

State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan has said that the Bangladesh of harmony is the dream of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangabandhu has fought all his life for the establishment of a Bangladesh of harmony.

The state minister made this assertion at the 1st Annual Conference of Privileged Priests and Servants under the Dhaka District Office of the Priest and Servants Skills Enhancement Project (Phase II) in Religious and Socio-Economic Context at Biam Auditorium, Dhaka on Thursday at 11.00 am. He said this in the speech of the chief guest.

   The state minister said the blood of all people irrespective of religion and caste has been mixed in the struggle for independence achieved under the leadership of Bangabandhu. It is our constitutional duty to establish a Bangladesh of communal harmony by establishing the religious rights of people of all faiths. In addition, to that end, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government is working tirelessly maintain harmony across the country.

The state minister further said that a nationwide priest and minister training program has been launched to make the priests and devotees of the Hindu community religiously and socio-economically self-reliant and to maintain harmony among people of all faiths.

The state minister said various projects are being implemented to provide training to religious leaders to protect religious harmony, build public opinion against terrorism-militancy, drug addiction and other social crises.  The state minister said the training has enhanced the religious knowledge of priests and ministers as well as improved their economic condition.

The state minister further said that the trained priests and ministers are helping to create awareness among themselves and the people around them about the prevailing prejudices in the society and various social degradations such as drug addiction, child marriage, dowry, terrorism, environmental catastrophe and help in building human resources.

The state minister said the development of this country is such a wonder of today's world. In the same way, the communal harmony of this country is a role model for the world. Despite some attempts to create religious insanity for the sake of political inferiority, the government has been able to control the situation with a firm hand.

The meeting was chaired by Additional Secretary (Development) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Abdul Awal Hawladar and was addressed by Manoranjan Sheel Gopal MP, Senior Vice Chairman, Hindu Religious Welfare Trust, Dipankar, Project Director, Reforms Project, Rekha Rani Guna, Trustee of Hindu Religious Welfare Trust, Smt.

Prof. Shikha Chakraborty, Project Director, Project (2nd Phase) Skill Enhancement of Priests and Servants in Religious and Socio-Economic Context attended the meeting.