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Bahrain removes Bangladesh from Covid ‘red list’

Published : 08 Oct 2021 09:34 PM | Updated : 09 Oct 2021 04:09 PM

Bahrain has removed Bangladesh from the Covid-19 red list, easing the travel of expatriates who will join their work.

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen informed journalists on Friday.

“Everyday hundreds of Bangladeshis who returned from Bahrain ask when Bahrain would open up. Today we have good news. Bahrain decided to remove Bangladesh from the red list countries starting from 10 October 2021,” he said in a message. 

Around 150,000 Bangladesh nationals are currently living in Bahrain. For the past few years, Bangladesh emerged as one of the top manpower sending countries to Bahrain, according to the Bangladesh mission’s website.

‘Construction’ is the biggest sector of employment for Bangladeshis in Bahrain. About 70% of our work force work in this sector are unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled (though the number is very small) workers.

Apart from construction, Bangladeshis are employed in cleaning companies, carpentry, retail shops, tailoring shops, hairdressing shops and as accountants, drivers in offices, fishermen in fishing trawlers and hotel management staff, chefs, cooks, bakers and service staff in restaurants, workers in agricultural farms and plantations. Several thousand, both male and female, are working as domestic aides.

The number of white collar Bangladeshi employees is very limited who are working as lawyers, teachers, engineers, financial experts, bankers, business management officials and doctors. A small number of Bangladeshis also are working in the Police and Bahrain Defense Forces.

More than 100 investors are now having their own business in Bahrain and this number is increasing. Several thousand Bangladeshis are running businesses by hiring commercial licenses. Bangladeshis own or run construction licenses, grocery shops/ cold stores, internet call shops, small restaurants, Garages and saloons etc.

The contribution of Bangladeshis in the development process of Bahrain is recognized by the country’s Government and its people. Bangladeshi workers generally enjoy a good reputation as honest, decent, hard-working, committed, amiable and disciplined people, according to the Bangladesh embassy.

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