BADC official harassed by authorities after speaking about corruption

Transfer, harass against remuneration!

A deputy assistant director (DAD) of Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) has been harassed by the authorities concern when he had detected the wide corruption for an amount of Taka five crore by four other senior officials of the department.

The higher authorities without thanking the honest official had transferred him at different stations within two months of the reporting to higher authorities.

Abdul Kader is the man who had brought the matter to the notice of the member director of seed and horticulture through a letter against  Amin Ullah, Tapan Kumar Saha, Indrojit Shil and Akteruzzaman who had illegally stored paddy seeds for Taka five crore at Jashore seed processing zone at Sheikhati.

A source related to BADC said the four officials of the corporation collected 117.260 tones of SL8H variety of seeds from Gakulnagar seed production farm and 69.500 tines from Patila seed producing farm. 129.220 tones of seeds was preserved at Jashore store by deputy director and assistant director without any valid documents.

Having information general manager (seeds) of the BADC Nurun Nabi Sarder and additional general manager (farm) Tapan Kumar Aich visited Dattanagar seed production farm in Jhenidah. The high officials could not find any valid papers about storage of the hybrid seeds there. Further, staff and officials of the farm alleged that the seeds were stored illegally by the high officials at Jashore. 

The matter was focused on a number of daily newspapers and televisions and online portals massively. As allegation against four BADC officials was proved primarily, the authorities had suspended them. The corporation is going to file departmental case against them and the anti corruption commission is investigating the irregularities done by the four.

Abdul Kader said as he brought allegation against the four corrupt officials, they have been harassing him since the time. He was given threat for life and was transferred to Jashore within a month and later at Habiganj within two months. 

He (Abdul Kader) had drew the attention of chairman of BADC, minister for agriculture, minister for home affairs and the prime Minister to save him from the wrath of the corrupt people when he was trying to save the peoples’ money Taka five crore by corrupt BADC men.