Fans give mixed reactions

Babu and Mosharraf Karim win best comic actor award

Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mosharraf Karim are two popular actors of the country. For a long time, they have been winning the hearts of the audience through their stellar performances. Besides stage and television dramas, the two actors have also received critical acclaim for their acting in films. 

They have received several awards and recognition many times. This is the first time Mosharraf Karim is being awarded national recognition. He won the National Film Award as Best Comic Actor for his performance in the 2018 film ‘Komola Rocket’.  On the other hand, Fazlur Rahman Babu has won the National Film Award before but this is the first time he is being awarded as the Best Comic Actor for his role in ‘Gohin Baluchar’. The Information Ministry has named these two actors as Best Comic Actors at the National Film Awards. Last Thursday, the names of the National Film Award recipients were released in the form of a gazette for their contribution to the film industry in 2017 and 2018. Since then, there have been mixed reactions from the fans of Mosharraf Karim and Fazlur Rahman Babu. The recognition has caused a stir among the fans. Many fans feel insulted that their favorite stars were named as comic actors.

Fazlur Rahman Babu said, ‘I have acted in a serious role in the movie ‘Gohin Baluchar’. I did not appear as a comedian at all. I am a bit upset that I am going to get a prize as a comedian by acting in a serious role. I do not feel as happy as I would while receiving a national award.’ He added, ‘In fact, it is not right to have categories in the National Film Awards. This format is too old. Now our movies are not the same as before. In the past, movies featured Dildar and Tele Samad but that kind of humor is no longer seen. The movie industry has come a long way. Therefore, this format should be removed.'