ASI closed for allegedly violating housewife

Published : 09 Aug 2021 09:35 PM

RMP Commissioner Abu Kalam Siddique has withdrawn an ASI of police from Bosepara police outpost of the city on Monday morning on the allegation of violating a housewife.

The responsible ASI has been identified as Shamim while the victim house wife (18) lives in ward-25 of the city. 

According to sources being frustrated with torture of her husband, the housewife called 999 for emergency help. As per the call, ASI Shamim went to the house of the victim to investigate into the incident of allegation on Sunday. He called the houswife to the police outpost and on Sunday, she went to Bosepara police out post with her mother. Asking the mother to stay outside, ASI Shamim called the housewife inside the room of the office and allegedly rape her. 

After the incident, father of the house wife lodged a written complaint with Boalia police station accusing ASI Shamim. But, local ward councillor Arman called the victim with her family members and settled the incident with the ASI on Sunday night. But, father of the victim did not agree to settle the incident rather he went to RMP Commissioner and said him about the incident. Hearing the incident, RMP Commissioner withdrew the responsible ASI from the police outpost. 

Officer-in-charge of Boalia thana Nibaran Chandra Barman said, he sent notes to his higher authorities and the father of the victim also met with the RMP Commissioner. Afterwards, the accused ASI has been closed to the Police line. The next step will be taken after the investigation.