Arum farming makes Moyez Uddin self-reliant

Moyez Uddin, an arum farmer in Ghatail upazila of Tangail, dreams of making a profit by cultivating this Arum. He is the son of late Afaz Ali of Abedali village in Laxindar union of the upazila.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, Moyez Uddin said that following the cost and effort, the profit is higher just using organic fertilizers. Cultivation of these vegetables also needs less production cost of the farmer. The cost per bigha is about tk. 15-20 thousands. As he has not much space of his own, Moyez Uddin leased 13 bighas of land next to his house and cultivated arum there. The total cost of Moyez Uddin's arum including rent of 13 bighas of land and planting of arum seeds is Tk 4 lakhs and  20 thousands. The yield of  arum has also been much better. 

He is hopeful that if the weather is favorable, he will earn around Tk 8 to 10 lakhs from his entire land.

Moyez Uddin, walking along the side of his arum land said that there was a great lack in our family. I have only seen shortages and more want since my father died when I was young. The eldest son Chan Mia came on holiday from abroad and could not go abroad due corona virus infection. So I am giving him time working in agricultural land. I have worked closely with my son. “I have been cultivating arum for several years,” he added. He also has a good experience in arum cultivation.

According to the information provided by the Upazila Agriculture Office, in the current arum has been planted in 260 hectares of lands at Ghatail while last year it was planted in 190 hectares of land. The production was 5,326 metric tons. The average yield per hectare is 25.46 metric tons.

Ghatail Upazila Agriculture Officer (Acting) Dilshad Jahan said the soil in the hilly areas is suitable for arum cultivation. Cultivation of arum is also quite profitable. If you cultivate arum in advance, the market price is good. As a vegetable, the demand for arum is much growing higher.  Arum is enriched in vitamins A, B, C, calcium and iron. She congratulated the arum farmers on behalf of the Agricultural Extension Department as well as confirmed providing all kinds of cooperation by the Ghatail Upazila Agriculture Office.