Arson suspected as cause of Mohanpur madrasa burning

Published : 06 Jul 2022 08:06 PM

Several local sources alleged that the office room of Moupara Dakhil Madrasha Office under Mohanpur upazila has been burnt by the 'planned' arson by the miscreants. However, after visiting the burnt site of the Madrasha office police said, the fire erupted due to short-circuit in electricity connection cables. 

According to sources, on the dead of night last Saturday several local drug addicts set fire to the office room of Moupara Dakhil Madrasha. Those persons regularly sit for taking drugs inside a local Betel Leaf orchard at night. On the night of the day of fire, those drug addicts were frolicking beside the madrasha. The night guard of the madrasha on that night went outside the madrasha for a brief period when the drug addicts set fire inside the office room of the madrasha by breaking glass windows of the room. 

Madrasha authorities informed, after the closure of the office, the electric meter of the madrasha is checked and the main switch of electricity connection is snapped. The office peon left the office on Thursday by snapping the main switch that is why there is no possibility of eruption of fire from the short-circuit of loose electric cable connections. Moreover, the electricity connection at the madrasa was normal and not disrupted or disturbed anywhere in the madrasa building. Officials and Engineers of local electricity office visited the spot but failed to detect any fault in the electric connection. However, the glass window panes of the office of madrasa were broken which proves an act of arson behind the incident. 

Local people informed, after its establishment in 1987, the madrasa is running successfully by disseminating quality education with satisfactory results in JDC and Dakhil examinations every year. Being envious of such success of the madrasha, a vested quarters might set fire in the madrasa office room and burning of essential official documents. Guardians of the students of the madrasha have, however, expressed their anxiety over future of the students due to burning of necessary documents at the office.

Deraj Uddin, Headmaster of  Moupara Dakhil Madrasa in this connection said, the arson burnt important official documents, three computers and furniture inside the office causing a loss of around Tk 8 to 1o lakh. He said, the madrasa authorities were anxious of burning the important official documents of the madrasa, teachers and students. He also demanded exemplary punishment of the miscreants involved with the arson.

touhidul Islam, Officer-in-charge of Mohanpur police station informed, police have visited  the damaged site and necessary action will be taken after the investigation.