Army seizes two AK-47 rifles

Published : 12 Sep 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 12 Sep 2021 10:00 PM

Bangladesh Army recovered arms and ammunition from the terrorists hide out of separatist United People's Democratic Front (UPDF- Prasit Bikash Khisa) in Jarulchaori area in Khagrachari district.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, a army officer concerned confirmed it.

According to the sources in the Army, getting secret information, a team of army conducted a raid at the UPDF terrorist den in Jarulchaori area in Khagrachari district early Sunday.

Sensing army presence, UPDF  terrorists opened fire targeting army. In response, army also retaliated. At one stage, UPDF caders left the scene after abandoning their arms and ammunition.

During the special drives, the army personnel seized  two AK-47 rifles, 13 rounds bullets, two magazines from the hide out.

They were creating instability through their such criminal activities.

The army officer  said Bangladesh Army will continue such operation to maintain peace and stability in the CHT area.

In the wake of the extortions and terrorism by the armed caders of the UPDF,  locals demanded stern action against the armed terrorist forces of the (UPDF- Prasit group).