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‘Apex Legends’fan-made ‘Squid Game’ wraith skin looks incredible

Published : 22 Oct 2021 09:55 PM

An Apex Legends fan took to Twitter recently showing off an incredibly well-made trailer that showcased a Wraith skin they had modeled after a ‘Squid Game’ staff member. ‘Squid Game’, which is Netflix's most-watched TV series to date, has been steadily growing in popularity since its initial release back in mid-September. It didn't take long for the fan-made trailer to go viral amongst the ‘Apex Legends’ community who has taken to the unofficial crossover idea extremely well.

The creators of ‘Apex Legends’, Respawn, has not been known to do many collaborations or crossovers in the past. Most of the skins in ‘Apex Legends’ come as part of an in-game event or are earnable by completing certain challenges. Of course, some skins are purchasable in the in-game store, giving players the opportunity to personalize their favorite character.

Twitter user and 3-D designer humansas_ was the mastermind behind the recent fan-made trailer as discussed in a recent article by Dexerto.  It is not hard to notice how much effort humansas put into what they have named the ‘Legendary Wraith Number 47’ trailer as it seamlessly blends the colors, styles, and feel of the ‘Squid Game’ staff characters from the show into the world of Apex Legends.  In going a step further humansas even shows off some movements and close-ups of his character in the brief 22-second video and also does well to avoid any kind of confusion by making it clear in the original post that the video was not in any way official.    -Collider