Antibiotic resistance on the rise

Bacteria growing stronger

The overuse of antibiotics poses a serious threat to public health and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Already the misuse of antibiotics, prescribed by negligent doctors and sold readily by pharmacists has rendered a large portion of the population resistant to the effect of antibiotics.

In our country, people often choose to self-prescribe and purchase antibiotics from the pharmacies. Antibiotics are used for virtually all diseases regardless of whether they are needed or not. As a result, treatment for simple infections might prove impossible and people will start to succumb to even the common cold. 

Widespread drug resistance is just around the corner unless prompt steps are taken to stop this practice once and for all. Simply limiting the sale of antibiotics is not going to be enough in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. First and foremost, we must raise awareness on this issue. People of all ages must be informed of the risks associated with excessive use of antibiotics. People living in rural areas must also be made aware of the harmful effects of antibiotic misuse. 

Simply limiting the sale of antibiotics

 is not going to be enough in the

 fight against antimicrobial resistance

The use of antibiotics in cattle and fish is another big concern. Farms and fisheries indiscriminately use antibiotics to cure illness in livestock and fish. There is still more research to be done on the harmful effects of eating the meat of such livestock as well as fishes. We may be unknowingly consuming our food laced with harmful antibiotics. 

The government should raise awareness on antibiotic misuse with the help of public service announcements, as well as awareness drives across the cities, towns and villages in the country. Doctors and pharmacists found to be responsible for unnecessary prescription of antibiotics must be penalized harshly. The so-called “antibiotic apocalypse” must be stopped at all costs.