Anti-graft purge fails to achieve expected result

The corrupt should be given exemplary punishment

Bangladesh has had a problem with corruption for a long time. Following the pillow scandal at the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, the recent casino scandal and the Regent Hospital’s corona test scam has sparked widespread discussions across the country. 

Due to the goodwill of the government, various strange irregularities at different levels are being exposed. Although the Prime Minister is working tirelessly, in some cases her efforts fail to achieve success because of a class of unscrupulous people.

However, there is a desperate attempt to get out of the grip of corruption in Bangladesh. Corruption and irregularities have crept into every nook and cranny of the country today like a contagious disease. 

If no action is taken, it is bound to spread. Bribery in the office is now a regular issue. Unscrupulous under the table trade for recruitment, transfer, tender, etc. is as booming as ever.

Corruption and  irregularities have crept 

into every nook and cranny of the country 

today like a contagious disease

In fact, behind it is the ghostly power and shadow of a class of influential people in the administration. However, it is not the case that this is happening only during the tenure of this government. 

This means that we are moving away from humanity, sense of morality and sense of humility day by day. In the same way, the inhuman aspect of the society has been exposed in front of everyone during this corona crisis. Money laundering is also taking place through fake corona identification which is another innovative form of corruption.

 If the trend of development of the country is to continue, there is no alternative to taking  drastic measures. If corruption is to be prevented, the people must also be aware.

At the same time, it is important to find out if any of those who have allowed the ugly head of corruption to rise. All the culprits should be brought under the law and exemplary punishment should be given. We must continue the fight against corruption involving all assets at our disposal.