‘Antarjal’ released in local theatres

Published : 23 Sep 2023 07:59 PM

The first Bangladeshi cyber-thriller movie 'Antarjal', directed by Dipankar, was released in theatres across the country on 22 September. 

Siam Ahmed and Sunerah Binte Kamal act in the lead roles, accompanied by Bidya Sinha Meem, Mashrur Enan and ABM Sumon, among others. 

The dynamic Bangladeshi EDM brother-duo APEIRUSS composed its eponymous title track 'Antarjal'.

This marks Sheikh Shafi Mahmud and Sheikh Saami Mahmud's debut in the Bangladeshi film industry.

APEIRUSS, previously composed chart-topping Bollywood hits like 'Hum Nahi', 'Buddhu Sa Mann', 'Sau Asmaan' and the viral sensation 'Ishqam'.

"The concept behind the film is profoundly captivating, prompting us to experiment with music, lyrics, and the overall production of the track. This is, after all, our first foray into composing music for a film, and it was imperative to ensure that the track meets global standards," said younger brother Shafi. "From the inception of this project, our vision was to infuse the music with our signature tone while incorporating a rich tapestry of electronic sounds," Saami added.

The song came out on Bongo's official YouTube channel on Tuesday, 19 September.

In the movie's trailer, a masked hacker can be seen trying to create unrest in the country and cyber security officers trying to get to the end of the chaos.