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Anjan’s Eid

Published : 07 Aug 2019 09:30 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:25 PM

‘Different dimension in Celebrations and Everyday’, this is the slogan for Anjan’s this EId-ul- Azha. Eid is the biggest religious festival in our country for Muslims. And to make the celebrations and festivities even more joyous Anjan’s brings an array of colourful Eid attire every year. This time the collection is about a mix of heritage, tradition and modernity. Moreover, this time the collections have various types of geometric and floral motif in Jamdani, Katha, Kalka, Fulkari and others which have been done following the contemporary trend in fashion. 

For this year's Eid, there will be saris, salwar kameez, orna and various kinds of tops for girls and also, punjabi-pajamas, shirts, t-shirts and sherwani for boys. For the children there are saris, salwar kameez, punjabi, shirt and fatua. Other than attires, there are also a variety of glimmering accessories and jewelries  available this year. Let’s not forget the home textile and gift items. An array of bed sheets, sofa covers, cushion covers and window curtains. 

From new and modern weaving technique to different types of cotton, linen cotton, silk and other types of cloth, this year’s designs are based on the youth of the society. 

Besides, the usual, the latest collection shows a lot of new bold saris and Punjabis which can be sported in a number of ways. Solid red blue saris with red embroidered borders are a great combination which gives a lot of texture. Golden saris with thread work and numerous combinations in different shades of colours are very appealing to any woman. The price of saris range upwards of BDT 5000 and can be up to BDT 20000. 

Salwar Kameez suits are also abundant in variety too. From bright shades of magentas, lime greens, yellows and purples to complimenting shades of brown, gold and black, these are all very eye catching. Moreover, single kurtis are also available which can be paired with single trousers which are also quite presentable in numerous shades and textures. 

For the men’s collection, there are a number of great combinations available in casual shirts which have subtle prints and tee-shirts with enjoyable graphics. The punjabis are a must during Eid for men and this year the price starts from BDT 1400 and goes upward of BDT 2500. A linen cotton paste coloured stripe punjabi is sure to catch anyone’s eyes. This year's Eid is organized for girls with saris, salwar kameez dresses and various tops. Punjabi-pajamas, shirts, T-shirts and sherwani for boys. There are saris, salwar kameez, frocks, Punjabi, shirts and fatwas for children. Apart from clothing, there are various jewelry, home textiles and gift items organized this year.

According to the youth’s preferences, this year's designs have been made with different types of cotton, linen cotton, georgette, silk, endicton and new types of weaving designs.