Aman harvest creates hope among Mirsarai farmers

Published : 05 Dec 2021 10:13 PM

Aman's golden sheaf is now swaying in the air in the field in Mirsarai. The dream of bumper paddy yield has gradually becoming a reality. Aman paddy is gradually turning golden in the field. Even after the attack of insects and diseases, the fields of Mirsarai are full of golden paddy. The golden fields on the horizon have made the natural beauty more developed. Thousands of farming families of the upazila now expect to fulfill their dreams. If there is no natural calamity or disaster, the backyard of the farmers will be filled with the smile of golden paddy.

On the ground, different areas of 16 unions and 2 municipalities of the upazila can be seen, the fields of Aman crop are spread across the horizon. Early varieties of Aman paddy have already come out. The sheaves of paddy are the majority part in the fields which can be seen. A golden smile appeared on the faces of farmers due to that. And only after a few days, they can bring home new paddy. In this situation, the paddy of the farmer's dream is swaying in the wind. Aman paddy has already been harvested in the highlands. However, the paddy in the low lying areas has not yet turned completely yellow. And in a few days, the festival of cutting, threshing and picking of paddy will start in full swing. Jasim Uddin, a farmer of Mayani Union of the upazila, said he hoped the yield of paddy would be much higher than other years due to favorable weather, disease and insect infestation.

Sajal Debnath, a farmer of Durgapur Union, said that the demand for ensuring fair price of paddy was low. But the prices of agricultural inputs are rising. This is increasing the cost of production. Farmers are losing interest in paddy cultivation due to continuous losses in paddy cultivation. So authorities have to ensure fair price of Aman paddy. Otherwise, the farmers will turn away from paddy cultivation, he said.

Haresh Mia, a farmer of Mirsarai Sadar Union, said that the recent rains had caused severe damage to Aman paddy. In the rain and wind, many ripe semi-ripe paddy has fallen to the ground and rotted.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, Aman paddy has been cultivated in 21,700 hectares of land in the upazila this year. Compared to last year, more than 200 hectares of land has been cultivated. The yield has been good due to good weather. In the current transplanted Aman paddy season, the target for cultivation of Ufshi variety of paddy among different varieties is 1 lakh 4 thousand 160 hectare metric ton paddy.

Meanwhile, farmers are worried about the fair price of paddy despite the bumper yield of Aman paddy. In this situation, the local farmers have demanded to buy paddy directly from the farmers to get a fair price.

Upazila Agriculture Deputy Assistant Kazi Nurul Alam said the weather was good this year and due to the overall monitoring and advice of the agriculture department, the incidence of diseases and insects was less this time. As a result, it is expected to exceed production targets.