Aman harvest cheers farmers

Ensure fair price for peasants

As rice is the staple food of the country, every year a huge quantity of this grain is being produced. This year too, despite the coronavirus bearing down hard on the citizens, there wasn’t much disruption in the farming sector and as such rice is being produced throughout the year. 

The last harvest of the year is expected to bring in massive produce of Aman paddy. As a result, the farmers are also happy with the fruits of their efforts.

A report published in this daily says that a bumper production of Aman paddy is expected in at least six districts of the country. This means that the food situation is only going to get better and better in the country in terms of rice. Now, the critical question is the proper economic contribution that can be gained from this Aman harvest. 

Had the floods not destroyed nearly 1.63 lakh 

tonnes of Aman paddy, the harvest would have 

been bigger this year

This requires the fair pricing of Aman rice and there is also the need to maintain vigilance over ensuring that the farmers get the fair price that they are supposed to get.

The report also sheds light on key facts such as the expected harvest of Aman to reach 1.50 crore tonnes as the crops are growing excellently under favourable climate conditions. Had the floods not destroyed nearly 1.63 lakh tonnes of Aman paddy, the harvest would have been bigger. However, this hasn’t put any massive dent on the overall size of the Aman production.

According to experts, this time the yield of Bona Aman has been estimated at 1.2 tonnes per hectare and RopaAman 2.73 tonnes per hectare. 

Besides, the average yield was estimated at 2.64 tonnes. As a result, 15,740,398 tonnes of paddy is expected to be produced this year. This is really good news for the farmers. Now the only issue at hand is to create a suitable marketing atmosphere devoid of any influence of syndicates and middlemen causing problems.