Agro sector has huge potential in coastal areas

Introduce advanced technologies to make agriculture more profitable

Published : 13 Sep 2021 08:53 PM | Updated : 14 Sep 2021 01:03 AM

In a bid to boost our agro production, the coastal areas of our country can be used with great affect. Agricultural scientists have been able to develop salinity tolerant improved varieties of many crops including paddy, pulses, watermelon, potato, maize, barley, sunflower and other vegetables.

Work is underway to rapidly expand these varieties and production technologies among all farmers in the vast coastal areas. A roadmap is being prepared for this purpose. If the farmers cultivate these crops, a new agricultural revolution will take place in the saline areas of the south region.

If implemented properly, this potential 

project will help us become more 

self-sufficient in food production

The government’s goal should now be, to make agricultural sector more profitable by processing and commercialising it. We have to make sure that the farmers are able to produce farming goods on an uniform skill and excellence. Bulk production is a crucial necessity which under the existing system of our farming production cannot be safeguarded.

There is still a large portion of uncultivated land in our country. So proper research is needed to determine exactly how much of the lands would be brought under cultivation. The government should also make sure that the developed varieties and technologies of crops, seeds reach the farmers quickly so that they can yield more. 

Awareness and guidance are also required so that they know the proper use of these new seeds and technologies, cultivate them within the correct time frame. If implemented properly, this potential project will help us become more self-sufficient in food production.