Agriculture, fisheries may thrive after canal digging in Mirzaganj

Published : 29 Jun 2022 09:28 PM

The digging of 16 canals including 7 canals of LGED in Mirzaganj of Patuakhali has created opportunities of great prosperity in agriculture and fisheries sector. Local farmers and fish farmers are dreaming anew. Recently, canal excavation work has been completed in Dakshin Amragachhia village of the upazila with the implementation of LGED department. The excavation of this canal has made the agricultural land of the area suitable for cultivation. In addition, thousands of farmers are benefiting from land cultivation. As a result, the farmers of the area think that agriculture and fish farming will increase at a huge rate. This will change the fate of more than five hundred farmers in about 7 villages. 

They believe it will be easier to irrigate the land, especially during the Erie-Boro season. Besides, 14 km of 7 canals were dug under the initiative of Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) under Upazila Agriculture Department and about 3 km of 2 canals were dug under the initiative of Upazila Fisheries Department.

According to the Upazila LGRD Office, in the fiscal year 2020-21, the Local Government Engineers (LGED) Department will spend Tk 6 lakh through Dakshin Amragachhia Water Management Cooperative Society Ltd. The excavation work of 11 km was completed on April 30.

Farmers Jalil Fakir, Altaf Khan and Rafiq Akon said they could not cultivate in time due to lack of water as the canals were filled. As a result of digging these, now that the water comes in the field at the right time, I will be able to start the cultivation at the right time and the crop will also produce more.

Md Sohail, a local fish farmer, said there would be no shortage of water after digging the canal. As there are high roads on both sides of the canal, I will be able to grow various crops. Vegetables can be cultivated with fish. Therefore, fish farming will be very beneficial.

Md Mizanur Rahman Liton, President of Amragachhia Water Management Cooperative Society Ltd. said, “We have completed the work as per schedule and within the stipulated time. As a result, there is potential for great prosperity in agriculture and fisheries in this area.

Upazila Engineer Md Ashikur Rahman said LGED is conducting canal excavation activities under the Sustainable Small Water Resources Development Project. This will result in huge progress of crops in Rabi season, cultivation of different types of vegetables, conversion of one crop land to multi crop land and increase crop density, reducing the amount of fallow land. 

This will increase the income of farmers and create job opportunities for agricultural workers throughout the year. The agricultural and socio-economic condition of the people of the area has greatly improved. The excavation of this canal will revolutionize agriculture and fisheries in the area. According to the Prime Minister's goal, no cultivable land can be left fallow. In the interest of development of the country, all the lands have to be converted into cultivable lands.