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Agri minister hints at oil price hike further

Published : 05 Mar 2022 10:05 PM | Updated : 06 Mar 2022 01:37 PM

If the government does not increase price further importers are showing reluctance to import edible oil from abroad.  

Last two years’ stagnant situation caused by Covid-19 and the present ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, have affected the global edible oil market as well as the local market which is impacting product prices.

At present coarse rice price is stable but fine quality rice price is going higher. On the other hand, due to the global unrest, edible oil price has gone up and it seems oil price in the country may increase further. But to meet the demand the government will import a bulk amount of edible oil.   

Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzque said this while exchanging views with journalists after a meeting on Delduar Upazila Parishad premises in Tangail on Saturday. 

The minister said, “The price of edible oil has raised in the international market. We have to meet the demand by importing edible oil.” 

When asked, will the government increase edible oil price further, he replied, “In the present context, businessmen will not be interested in import unless oil price is not increased. However, the govern ment is strictly monitoring the market and trying to bring enough edible oil.” 

“But we must remember that in the last two years, the peasants of the developed world did not cultivate, did not enter the agricultural fields, did not enter the mines. Again the Ukraine-Russia war has implications. All these have affected Bangladesh as well,” he added. 

Criticizing the BNP, the Awami League presidium member said, “The BNP is not able to give 'air' to the movement. There is no soil under their feet. They have not been able to launch any movement since 2015. There will never be another strike in Bangladesh.”  

He warned that if the BNP tries to create anarchy and instability in the country again like '2014', if they set fire to cars in the name of the movement, I think the people of this country will not respond to their call in any way.”

The minister expressed the hope that the BNP would participate in the elections. "When the people, the civil society, the pressure from the international community and the party realize that they have no ground under their feet, they will definitely come to the polls," he said.

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