Agartala Conspiracy Case

Accused still to receive due honour

On this day in 1969, the government of Pakistan had announced the withdrawal of the Agartala conspiracy case and unconditional release of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all his fellow accused.  Agartala conspiracy case was a sedition case framed by the Pakistan Government in  1968 during the Ayub regime against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the then leader of the Awami League and East Pakistan, and 34 other persons. They were accused of involvement in a conspiracy to secede the East wing from Pakistan with the help of the government of India. 

Agartala conspiracy case is considered an indelible part of the history of the Bengali nation. 51 years after the withdrawal of the case, it still remains a point of reference for students of Bangladesh's history. In this long period of time, much debate has arisen on the way the case changed the course of our history and transformed the nature of politics and geography in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The accused of the Agartala conspiracy case 

must be treated with appropriate honour and dignity

Initially it was a case name Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Vs state. Latter on it was named as Agartala conspiracy case. The top name was none but the main hero of our independence and father of our nation. The others were all famous and everybody had their social and personal reputation by rank and file in their own profession. Everybody were socially well connected and had their social implications. The way they faced the trial earned sympathy and respect from all citizens of the nation irrespective of caste and creed.

It is however, disconcerting to note that the accused of the case hitherto have not received their due honor and recognition. The accused of the Agartala case must have been offered honour. They are the loyal sons of the soil and they must be treated with appropriate honour and dignity.