ADP implementation rate 99pc: Minister

Published : 29 Aug 2021 08:57 PM

Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque said that the ADP of the Ministry of Agriculture has been implemented 99 percent in the last financial year which is much higher than the national average progress. Everyone must work with sincerity and dedication to continue this trend of success in the future. Authorities have to work for the implementation of 100% of the projects taken in the current financial year.

The minister said this while addressing a meeting to review the progress of implementation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) at the conference room of the ministry at the secretariat on Sunday noon.

Addressing the people involved in the implementation of the project including the project director, officers and employees, the head of the organization, the Minister said that the project should be implemented in a very transparent and quality manner. If project managers are involved in opacity, unreasonable pricing or any kind of corruption in procurement, they will face severe punishment.

It was informed at the meeting that the number of projects under implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture in the current fiscal year 2021-22 is 70. The total allocation is Tk 2,958 crore. The highest allocation has been made for the agricultural mechanization project, Tk 680 crore. Besides, Tk 160 crore is allotted in Smallholder Agriculture Competitiveness Project, Tk 157 crore in NTP-2 Project and Tk 100 crore in Quality Potato Seed Production and Distribution Project.

It is to be noted that the ADP of the Ministry of Agriculture has been implemented at 99% in the just ended 2020-21 fiscal year. The total number of projects was 85, out of which 15 projects have been completed. The total allocation for the project was Tk 2,312 crore. Of which Tk 2,255 crore has been spent, which is about 99% of the allocation. This is 16% more than the national average. The national average progress has been 72%.

In addition, 16 new projects were approved in the last financial year. Of these, the Tk 3,020 crore 'Agricultural Mechanization Project', the Tk 211 crore 'Almond, Coffee Research, Development and Expansion Project', the Tk 438 crore 'Fallen Land and Backyard Family Nutrition Plant Project' are notable.

The meeting was moderated by Md Mesbahul Islam, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture. Project directors including senior officials of the ministry and heads of agencies were present at the time.

Referring to the Taliban's rise to power in Afghanistan, the Minister said the Taliban had come to power in Afghanistan and a group is trying to create political instability in the country. What is happening in Afghanistan is an internal matter of that country. 

Even then we have to be careful and vigilant so that no one can create instability in the country. 

Because, political stability is needed to continue the development progress of the country.