Adhora returns home for ‘Dokhino Duar’ dubbing

Published : 29 Sep 2023 09:25 PM

Young actress Adhora Khan has returned to Bangladesh from the United States to complete the dubbing for her upcoming film titled 'Dokhino Duar,' directed by Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond. Apart from Adhora, the movie also features Ferdous Ahmed and Shimla, among others.

Adhora said about participating in the dubbing for the movie, “I was initially planning to travel from the United States to Canada, but I had to return to Bangladesh urgently upon receiving a call from director Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond. He requested me to finish the dubbing for the movie 'Dokhino Duar.' I participated in the dubbing process on Monday, and now that all the work is completed, I am preparing to visit my younger sister in Canada. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be heading to Canada on September 30, Inshallah. I kindly request everyone to keep me in your prayers for a safe journey.” “Based on my experience during the dubbing and the shooting of the film, I can confidently say that 'Dokhino Duar' offers a compelling and relatable storyline. I hope the audience will appreciate this close-to-life movie,” she further added.

Adhora’s recent movie, 'Sultanpur,' received praise for her performance. Her filmography includes other releases such as 'Matal,' 'Nayak,' and 'Pagoler Moto Bhalobasi.'

Additionally, she is set to feature in the movie 'Thokor,' directed by Mazharu Babu.

Adhora is presently focused on diversifying her roles as an actor. She believes that acting in two or three movies with strong narratives and exceptional production values is sufficient. Consequently, she is inclined towards story-driven films and is actively seeking such projects.