Add’l 1.2 lakh people excluded from draft NRC in Assam

An additional 1,02,462 persons have been excluded from the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC), a list of Indian nationals, in Assam, a statement released on Wednesday by the state NRC Coordinator said. The final draft published on July 30 last year left out the names of four million people, sparking a major controversy.

The persons whose names appeared in the additional exclusion list are the ones who were included in the draft NRC published on July 30 last year but subsequently found ineligible, according to the statement. The statement said the latest list of exclusion of about one lakh people has been published as per provisions of clause 5 of the Schedule of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules 2003.

The final version of NRC is scheduled to be published by July 31 this year. Assam is the only state in India which has a list of Indian citizens and the document is being currently updated as per a directive of the Supreme Court.