Action against traffic law violators

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shafiqul Islam has said action will be taken against those who will violate the traffic law. The DMP commissioner came up with the disclosure at a press briefing on ‘Road Transport Act-2018’ at DMP Media Centre in the capital on Monday. He said if anyone takes illegal advantage, case will be filed against him or her.

‘Chest camera will be installed for every traffic sergeant. Strict action will be taken against them if picture is not taken while filing the case. DMP had done some preparatory works before starting the legal proceedings” The DMP boss said. He also said leaflets will be distributed for making people aware. Traffic police training has also been arranged. Road Transport Act-2018’ will be implemented from next week.

About the implementation of the Road Transport Act, 2018, the DMP chief said, the traffic rules violators will be made aware of the fines and punishment under the law during the first seven days since it was in forced on November 1. No fines will be imposed on the first week. Rather, people will be made aware of the law.

The DMP commissioner also expressed hope that the fear of being penalised and stricter rules would improve discipline on the roads. He added that the traffic police will assist pedestrians while crossing road where there is no foot over bridge. Pedestrians will be punished if they do not use over bridges and foot over bridges.

The much-talked-about Road Transport Act, 2018 came into effect on November 1. It was passed by the parliament on September 19, 2018.

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