ACC acts on govt officals

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has now targeted the corrupt and dishonest officials of different service sectors in the government alongside politicians and businessmen.

According to sources, as part of the ongoing cleansing drives, the anti-graft watchdog authorities have strengthened intelligence surveillance in at least 28 service sectors in the administrations. Apart from the corruptions by the service sector officials and employees, intelligence surveillances have been intensified on their movements.

As per the drastic order by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the government policy, such type of drives against corruptions and crimes would remain continued.

Official sources at the ACC said, at least 25 officials and employees of different sectors in the government already have been arrested by the ACC in recent times. 

According to the ACC, most of the allegations of corruptions are received against the officials and employees of different service sectors including electricity, gas, passport, land administrations, health and education sectors, WASA, Customs authorities, LGED, PWD, Housing, sub-registry offices, Roads and Highway.

ACC official sources said intelligence surveillances have been intensified against a large number of officials and employees of those sectors.

Earlier on January 18 in 2017, the ACC had constituted teams to prevent corruptions by the officials and employees of 15 government sectors like the Bangladesh Road Transport Authorities (BRTA) Customs Exercise and Value Added Taxes, Revenue Department, Public Works Department, Road and Highways, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC), Comptroller Auditor General’s Office, Civil Aviation Authority, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Dhaka WASA, Directorate of Narcotics Control (DNC), Bangladesh Railway, Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company and Dhaka City Sub-Registry Office.

Later, the ACC authorities extended their activities by forming five more teams to find out corruptions in the offices at Chattogram Port Authority, all the land ports, Drugs Administrations, Dhaka District Office and Directorate of the Environment.

Official sources at the ACC said, all those teams already have submitted their findings and reports through their investigations into the corruption allegations against those offices and their officials and employees. After their investigations for more than one and a half years, they also have submitted several specific proposals to stop and prevent corruptions by the government officials. Those reports and proposals also have been forwarded to the ministries concerned. 

An official at the ACC said they have already started setting of different traps to net the corrupt officials and employees of different government sectors while at least 25 of them are arrested red handed. Those arrested officials and employees include engineers, sub-registrars and officials at the DNC, Food, Land, Customs, NBR and Education. 

It should be mentioned that the ACC on July 27 in 2017 launched a hotline number (106) so that anybody could file or inform any complain against anybody directly. 

ACC sources said it received around 25,00,000 allegations over the hotline while written allegations also have been received from huge number of people. ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmood said, they were looking into the allegations priority basis.