Aashik known as king of criminals in Cox’s Bazar

Published : 27 Dec 2021 10:10 PM

Ashikul Islam, the alleged mastermind, behind the recent gang-rape of a female tourist in Cox's Bazar, tried to flee the country but failed. He was finally arrested by the RAB members from Madaripur on Sunday night. 

Ashiq's name has been discussed everywhere since his name came up in the gang rape case. 

Locals claimed, “Aashiq has been involved in various crimes since his childhood. He is locally known as the king of the crime in the hotel and motel zone. Aashiq came into the discussion all over the country after the recent incident of gang rape in Cox’s Bazar.”

Ashiqul Islam Ashiq (29), son of late Master Abdul Karim of Madhyam Baharchhara, Ward 11, Cox's Bazar Municipality. He is a listed criminal. 

There are several cases against him with Cox's Bazar Sadar Police Station. 

There are 18 cases including rape, abuse of women and children, extortion, snatching, robbery, drugs, weapons. 

Many businessmen of the hotel and motel zone of the city termed him as the king of criminals. Earlier, the husband of a housewife filed a rape case against him with Cox's Bazar Sadar Police Station on Thursday night.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Cox's Bazar Sadar Model Police Station, Sheikh Munir Ul Gias, said that there were 18 cases against Ashik, including a rape case registered at Cox's Bazar Sadar Police Station on Thursday.

On November 8 this year, Police arrested him in a kidnapping case and sent him to the jail. However, he was released on bail on November 15, the OC added.

He further said that the victim's husband has filed a case against Ashiq, his friend and associate Israfil Huda Joy Prakash Jaya, Mehedi Hasan Babu and Zia Guest Inn Hotel Manager Riaz Uddin Chhotan and three 

others for raping a housewife by taking her husband and child hostage.

Meanwhile, a search of the cottage zone on the opposite side of the cultural center on Kalatali Road in the city revealed that Ashik had become more aggressive after getting out of jail. 

On November 24, Ashik and his accomplices allegedly looted Tk 60,000 from a hotel owner at the gunpoint. They also ‘took’ a ransom of Tk 1 lakh from another cottage owner after abducting him.

Seeking anonymity, a businessman from the Cottage Zone, said that the hotels where Ashik used to take extortion regularly and he was involved in other illegal activities.

The hotel and motel owners were afraid of Ashik and his gang, he added.

Sources said that Ashik formed a Kishiore (youth) gang in Baharchhara area at a young age. Aashik formed the first gang with seven to eight teenagers. Some of them are still in his group now.

On August 20 in 2011, the first case was registered against him with Cox's Bazar Sadar Police Station. 

Ten months later, on July 20, 2012, another case was filed against him in the same police station for attempted murder. Then on January 14 in 2014 a different case was filed in the same police station under the same section. 

On September 15 of the same year, there was a case of robbery; one was under the Arms Act and another for attempted murder. 

The following year, on March 5, 2015, a case was filed against him under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act. 

On November 21 of that year, two separate cases were filed against Ashik at the Sadar Police Station under the Arms and Robbery Preparation Act. Then on November 22, another robbery case was registered against him. Then on September 14 in 2016, the criminals filed another case against King Ashik under the Robbery Act. 

On October 14 of the same year, another case was filed under the Arms Act and the next day under the Drug Control Act. 

On June 30 this year, another case of attempted murder was registered against Ashik and another case of attempted robbery was filed on November 8 and finally a case of rape was lodged on December 23.

Ashikul Islam, the main accused in the housewife rape case, has his own terrorist group. The other accused in the case are members of his group, sources said.

His group consists of 60/70 youths from Baharchhara, Kalatali, Light House and Samiti Para, Larpara and Bus Terminal areas of the district. 

Some of his close associates are Mubarak, Fahim, Babu, Mehedi Hasan Babu and Jaya. All of them are facing various charges including yaba trading, fighting, extortion and rape. 

Cox's Bazar-Ramu MP, Saimum Sarwar Kamal, said, “I will request the law enforcement agencies to ensure the maximum punishment for any culprit through proper investigation.”

Senior Superintendent of Police of Cox's Bazar Tourist Police, Mohammad Zillur Rahman, said, “Ashik wanted to flee abroad by shaving his beard and cutting his hair. But he failed to dodge the law enforcers. He was caught.”