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Ahsanullah Master’s 15th death anniversary on Tuesday

Published : 06 May 2019 02:35 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:59 AM

If you want to know about an honest popular politician then you have to go to Gazipur to know about Ahsanullah Master. I am going to tell about him. He is a reformer, politician, courageous human being, maker of good rules. Ahsanullah Master won the hearts of Gazipur people through his love and his good works.

Ahsanullah Master was a central leader of Bangladesh Awami League and lawmaker from Gazipur-2 constituency. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is his 15th death anniversary. To mark the day, various programmes will be arranged in the capital and Gazipur. Ahsanullah Master was born on November 9 in 1950. In 2004, a horrible chapter was created in the history of Gazipur as well as the country. The popular leader was shot and killed on May 7 on that year. I remembered only about this death.

On that day, my father journalist Ataur Rahman was preparing for prayers. I remembered that journalist Bhanu Ranjan Chakrabarti from ATN Bangla called my father and said that Ahsan Ullah Master was badly injured. My father left the house with all his deep concern anxiety. After few hours later he called my mother and told her that the popular leader of Gazipur is no more.

After hearing the news of the death of MP Ahsan Ullah Master, my mother fell on the ground and started weeping. I guess that my father was also crying from that side and we were also crying with my mother. He’s was my father’s cousin and a very kind person. Every year on the Bengali New Year he greeted us by telephone. He looked at how we are doing, how we are studying, and so on. He used to come to our house even in a very busy situation.

MP Uncle loved us very much. Not just us - he loved the little kids very much. We used to see all the children in our house on the Eid and gave them “Salami”. He also spent the time with kids. Ahsanullah Master was a very kind person. As a teacher, he was the best principles of good humanity. And as a chairman, he launched a crusade against terrorism in society. Without any fear for his life, he himself caught many criminals red-handed and handed them over to the law enforcers.

In his student life, Ahsanullah Master was always the first among all the students to take a part in the student movement against the autocratic Pakistani military rulers. In 1791, he joined the war of liberation. And now he known as is freedom fighter. BNP leader Nurul Islam Sarker, the prime accused in the Ahsanullah Master murder case, was sentenced to death.  Six others were also given life Imprisonment. A Speedy Trial Tribunal delivered the verdict on April 16 in 2005.

Ahsanullah was a Bangladesh Awami league politician and former Member of Parliament from Gazipur-2. Today’s his 15th death anniversary. He was born on 9 November 1950 and assassinated on 7 May, 2004. He was a brave and an honest politician. We will always remember him for all of his good quality.