97,188 sacrificial animals ready in Jessore

Published : 01 Jul 2022 09:34 PM

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, 97,188 animals are ready for sacrifice in Jashore .This time the demand for sacrificial animals is 5 thousand more than last time. All the animals are home grown.

This information has been confirmed by District Livestock Officer Rashedul Islam.

However, at the time of the outbreak of the corona virus, the demand in 2021 was about three and a half thousand less than this year.

District Animal Resources Office sources said, There is a demand of 91,188 animal sacrifices for this Eid. But 97,188 cows, goats and sheep are ready for Eid.

Of the 91,188 demands of animals, Cows are  27,955 goats are , 63,233 and Sheeps are 557 . 

The 9,320 farms in the district have .More than 5,000 animals in excess of demand of 

9,320 farms in the district. This will not create the animal crisis for sacrifice.

According to the District Animal Office Resources said, In Jashore Sadar Upazila 4 thousand 333 cows and 15 thousand 748 goats, in Keshabpur 4 thousand 23 cows and 6 thousand 561 goats,

3 thousand 245 cows and 6 thousand 831 goats in Chougachha Upazila, 3 thousand 456 cows and 8 thousand 263 goats in Jhikargacha Upazila,

4, thousand 780  cows and 10 thousand 510 goats in Manirampur Upazila, 2,830 cows and 4,115 goats in Bagharpara Upazila

There are 2,483 cows and 6,770 goats in Sharsha and 2,805 cows and 4,115 goats in Abhaynagar upazila.

District Animal Resources Officer Rashedul Islam said, The price of cows and goats has increased much this year. Prices are being adjusted with the price of animal feed.Because the price of animal feed has gone up a bit.

Due to global reasons, farmers have to buy food at higher prices to provide animal feed.

As a result, farmers are adjusting the price of animals.

But those who are willing to sacrifice; They will buy animals at bargain prices. The hope is that there will be no shortage of animals for sacrifice in Eid- ul- Azha he added.