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93% Ctg patients infected with Delta variant of Covid-19

Published : 06 Aug 2021 10:07 PM

In a study of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) it has come up that the Delta variant of Covid-19 virus is found in 93% of the infected patients in Chattogram.

The study titled 'Health Risk Assessment of Covid-19 Patients' informed that the researchers collected samples from 30 corona-infected patients in Chattogram from July 1 to July 19, 2021.

They range of age patients from whom the samples were collected was between 21 to 74 years. Among them 12 were men and 18 were women. About half of the patients were villagers while the other half were city dwellers.

The studies found that corona’s delta-type of infections are prevalent in villages as well as in Chattogram city. 

Researchers and physicians say that coronary heart disease is rapidly deteriorating. Besides, the death rate is also increasing. The prevalence of coronary heart disease in humans is contributing to the spread of the infection.

The study was supervised by Gautam Buddha Das, Vice Chancellor of the university. He said to Bangladesh Post that out of 30 samples collected for the study. 28 delta types were identified as types, which is 93 percent of the total samples. 

``One of the remaining two samples is an alpha (UK) type. The other is the type identified in Wuhan, China’’-he added. 

Gautam Buddha Das also said that delta is a highly infectious type. Such a source is India. Delta was first transmitted to border districts in Bangladesh. Later it spread. Now the kind of power is going on in the country.

According to the researchers, among the patients infected with the delta are young and old-all ages. Not everyone in Delta had to go to the hospital. 15 people were admitted to the hospital. The rest took treatment at home. 9 of the hospitalized patients are in their fifties.

Researcher and Professor Paritosh Kumar Biswas said, the Delta type was found in all ages. Corona strains found earlier were relatively less contagious. But Delta is spreading fast. 

So far more than a thousand people have died in Corona in Chattogram. Of those, 261 died in July, several times more than in any previous month.

In the same month, more than 23,000 corona patients were identified in Chattogram. This number is the highest in any previous month.