90th death anniv of Pritilata observed in Ctg

Published : 24 Sep 2022 09:24 PM

The 90th death anniversary of Pritilata Waddedar, an anti-British martyr, observed in Chattogram on Saturday.

She committed suicide swallowing potassium cyanide after a successful assignment of unleashing an attack on the European club in Chattogram on early September 24 in 1932 as she was about be caught by police.

To mark the day different socio-cultural and political organisations have chalked out elaborate programmes North Kattoli Alhaj Mustafa-Hakim College's management and the initiative of former CCC mayor Manjur Alam, wreaths were placed at the sculpture of Pritilata Waddedar adjacent to Pahartali Railway School on Saturday.

Founder of North Kattoli Alhaj Mostafa-Hakim College and former mayor of Chattogram City Corporation M Manjur Alam was present as the chief guest in the event.

 M Manjur Alam said, "British rule was going on in the country on this day.  People were great in various activities of exploitation and governance.  At this time, one of the women freedom fighters of the anti-British freedom movement and the first revolutionary woman martyr Pritilata Waddedar went to attack the European club in the hills in military uniform at night under the instructions of Masterda Surya Sen.  On his way back after a successful operation, a bullet pierced his chest and he fell to the ground.  After that, before the British caught him, he committed suicide by consuming the potassium cyanide he had with him.  

Today we pay tribute to this heroic daughter who loves the country. North Kattoli Alhaj Mostafa-Hakim College Principal Mohammad Ala­mgir, Vice Principal Mahfu­zul Haque Chow­dhury, Professor Abu Chagir, Kazi Mahbubur Rahman, Asim Chakraborty were present at the event.

Its mentioned that Alhaj M Manjur Alam, during his tenure as the Mayor of Chattogram City Corpora­tion, erected a memorial pillar-sculpture of Pritilata Waddedar, one of the women freedom fighters of the anti-British freedom movement and the first revolutionary woman martyr, who was a part of history for the people of Chattogram, while he was the mayor of Chattogram City Corporation.