5m doses of jab due by today

Government’s diplomacy deserves commendation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s relentless efforts to bring all the people in the country under Covid-19 vaccine coverage deserve plaudits. As a consequence of her prudent diplomacy, Bangladesh is now getting  Covid-19 vaccines from different countries.

As reported by this daily on Sunday, Bangladesh will receive 5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines by today (Monday).  Of the upcoming doses, 2 million are from China's Sinopharm and over 3 million are Moderna vaccines.

Bangladesh started a nationwide vaccination drive against the pandemic in February, ahead of many countries in the world. The government is thinking of bringing 80 percent of the people in the country under the corona vaccine campaign as soon as possible. And the rest 20 percent will be brought under the vaccine coverage in phases. 

Keeping in mind that country’s people are now at a risky position due to the pandemic, the government is doing its level best to effectively fight the second wave of the coronavirus. Country’s people are now getting free vaccines.  Besides, cash and food assistance are being provided to the poor and unemployed people. But, the government alone cannot deal with the Covid-19 second wave if people do not follow the health guidelines and rules.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s relentless efforts 

to bring all the people in the country under 

Covid-19 vaccine coverage deserve plaudits

Therefore, we all have to work together to overcome the ongoing pandemic situation. But it is alarming to note that violating Covid safety rules, thousands of people continued to leave capital Dhaka, other metropolitan cities and district towns to spend the holidays on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha at village home. It is feared that the Covid-19 situation may go beyond control if the mad rush during the return journey of Eid homegoers to their workplaces continues. 

The virus infection has spread alarmingly from towns to villages, increasing untimely deaths.  Therefore, we all must obey the health guidelines properly to stop further spread of the coronavirus. We must not go outside our houses unnecessarily during the Eid holidays. Last but not least, the government should take necessary steps to make sure that people maintain heath guidelines in cattle markets and shopping malls.