46 corona patients recovered, released from hospitals in Gazipur

Published : 04 May 2020 08:54 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:10 PM

A total 46 Coronavirus infected patients at Kapazia under Gazipur have been recovered and released from the Upazila Health Complex. On May-4, those recovered people went to their homes. 

According to sources, 70 patients by being attacked with Coronavirus were admitted to Syed Zohura Taj Uddin Nursing College and Rayeder Module Community Hospital and some of them were in home isolations. 

During the second time of testing of the samples from those patients, results of 46 were negative. As a result, 16 of those patients were released on May-2 and on May-3, 30 more patients were released totalling 46. 

Among the released, 24 staff are from Upazila Health Complex and 13 labourers from Chhoa Agro. The released patients have returned to their concerned houses.

Dr. Shasmul Alam Shaon, UHO (In charge) of Kapasia Upazila Health Complex informed, all the released people have been asked to remain in home quarantine for next 14-day. 

It is learnt, so far samples of 600 suspected Corona patients have been collected and sent to Dhaka for testing.  Of those, results of 70 tests were found positive.