44 government offices will be shifted to Kalurghat

Published : 18 Sep 2021 12:25 AM

A project has been taken to bring 44 government offices in different parts of Chittagong to the same compound to alleviate the suffering of the people.  The project will be implemented on a 76-acre site on the banks of the Karnafuli River next to Bangabandhu Maritime University at Kalurghat.  Most of the offices and courts relocated to this project are now located in Pari Pahar.  After the removal of the offices and courts, the fairy hill will be declared a heritage spot.

 According to district administration sources, the process of relocating various government offices including Divisional Commissioner's Office, Deputy Commissioner's Office, Manpower Office, ADM Court, Record Room is underway from Pari Hill, the administrative heart of the city.  There are plans to remove government offices to declare the fairy hill a heritage site.  Besides, various government offices scattered in different parts of Chittagong will be removed and taken to the project area of Kalurghat.  

The design for construction of various facilities including Chittagong Divisional Commissioner's Office, Deputy Commissioner's Office, ADM Court, Record Room, Circuit House, Government Employees Hospital, Training Center, International Convention Center, Shopping Mall, Multi Storage Car Parking, Lake has already been finalized.  Construction of the project is expected to start in about a year.

 Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman said the Prime Minister has directed the construction of an integrated office building to alleviate the suffering of the people.  In order to reduce the suffering of the people in government offices, activities of 44 offices will be carried out in the place.  This will reduce human suffering.  Besides, speed will also come in the work.  Starting from shopping malls in the area, various things will be built there.  It will be developed as a planned city.  The fairy hill will also be declared a heritage.

 According to sources, a high-level government delegation is coming to Chittagong on September 23 to review various aspects of the project's implementation.  

The roadmap and design for the implementation of the project is scheduled to be presented at the Circuit House on September 24.  Infrastructure will be built by protecting the aesthetics of the place on the banks of Karnafuli.  The infrastructural construction work of the project is expected to be completed by August next year.  

It is planned to complete all the infrastructure construction activities within three years.  After the implementation of the project, all government offices in Chittagong will be shifted here.

  Urban planning engineer Delwar Majumder said, “We have been agitating for the protection of Pari hill for more than twenty years now.  Even after that, several installations have been built one after another on the hill of Pari.  Now if the installations are removed from the fairy hill then it is possible to protect the fairy hill. '

"If all the government offices move to the same place, the suffering of the people will not increase but will increase," he said.  

If ordinary people crowd in one place for government office work, it will cause traffic jam.  So I think it would be more planned to relocate the government offices that do not have their own buildings and move the rest of the offices to 3-4 department wise places.