4 top cited researchers honored at JUST

JUST Correspondent

The Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST) Teachers' Association honored four top cited researchers on Saturday.

Those researchers are JUST Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Anwar Hossain, Dr Javed Hossain Khan, Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr Imran Khan, Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Dr Md Aminul Islam, Assistant Professor of the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering. Addressing the event, JUST Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Md Anwar Hossain said, “After taking charge of this university, I declared JUST as the first research university in Bangladesh. 

A year later, three JUST teachers were named among the most top cited researchers,” he added.

The VC thanked other three researchers who have played a key role in building JUST as a research university.