3 die with Covid-19 symptoms in Chandpur

The number of deaths with Covid-19-like symptoms is increasing in Bangladesh as treatment refusal and inadequate test facility continue to trouble the health sector. 

Now, 3 more people died in Chandpur and Haziganj due to fever, cold and shortness of breath. The deceased were 3 elderly men. The members of the Islamic Movement and QRC completed their burial in accordance with the hygiene rules.

Abdul Latif Hawlader, a staff member of Chandpur Municipality and a resident of Ward 10, died on Monday evening. He died on his way to the hospital with corona symptoms.

On the advice of Dr. Nur Hossain Banna, Officer of Sadar Upazila Health Department, the volunteer team of Islamic Movement completed his burial at 12:30 pm. Abdul Latif Hawlader (65) is the son of late Abdul Hakim Hawlader of Ward 10 of Chandpur Municipality.

Former District Nazir Md Abu Taher Patwari, a resident of Rahmatpur residential area of Chandpur town, died late Monday night with corona symptoms. He was buried at his village home in Tarpurchandi Union of Sadar Upazila after Janazah.

Members of QRC, an organization  founded by Awami League leader Zillur Rahman Jewel, completed the burial of Md Abu Taher Patwari's body at 11:15 am on Tuesday.

A man named Md Fazlul Haque Hawlader, a resident of Hajiganj Upazila's Sadar Union, died at his home at 9pm on Monday. Islami Andolan Haziganj Upazila team completed the burial at 9 am on Tuesday as the locals did not come forward to bury the body. Md. Fazlul Haque Hawlader (90) is the son of late Haji Tamiz Uddin Pandit of Sadar Union 3rd Ward.