2 doctors, 2 UP chairmen tested positive for covid-19

A total of four people, including 250 bed Hospital’s superintendent, Medical Officer and  2 UP chairmen  tested  positive for Covid- 19  in Magura on  Wednesday. The affected areas have been locked down by the administration. 

Magura Civil Surgeon Prodip Kumar Shaha informed , 4 persons in the district tested positive for corona virus on Wednesday. The 4 corona patients are identified as Magura 250 bed Hospital Superintendent Dr. Shapan Kumar Kundu, Medical Officer of  the  same hospital Dr.  Arun  kanti Ghosh ,  Sreekol UP Chairman  Mustashim Billah Shangram  and Nakol  UP Chairman Humayan Rashid Muhit. 

All of them are now  in home isolation. Now  the total number of corona  patients stands in the district at 19. Among these 19 patients 7 were found in Sadar upazila while 6 in  Sreepur upazila, 5 in Shalikha upazila and 1 was found in Mohammadpur upazila.